The Fruit of the Spirit Goes West


The Seven Deadly Sins go West


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Arise Ye Sons and Daughters

About Me

My Background

Robert Allen was born into a pastor's family in Baker, Montana in 1946. He traveled as a song leader and soloist with his church-planting father even before he started school. His father would stand him on a chair to lead singing or render his solo version of "A Christian Cowboy."  Together they started churches in an empty saloon ("The Bloody Bucket") and the bottom of a swimming pool, sans water, of course.

The Bible Story Family Story


The Bible Story Family began with a weekly radio broadcast on WRVL Radio. Kent and Tammy couldn’t even read yet, but they had short lines and memorized them. Chad and Wendy, along with their parents, Bob and Carmen Allen, read from a script.

Two stories each week, one right from the Bible, and another contemporary story which illustrated the Bible truth. Stories like “Super Friends” and “David’s Merry Day.” Later my father, Arthur Allen, transferred all of the stories to cassette tapes and made them available as he traveled in prophecy conferences. Eventually the contemporary stories which had been based on verses in Proverbs 15, became the book Character Needed, available from Regular Baptist Press.

When Kent attended Pillsbury Bible College he was approached by a girl who said, “I know your voice. You’re Kent Allen from the Bible Story Family. We listened to your stories every night before we went to sleep.” Her name was Dorinda Lind, and a few years later he married her.

My Work

Bob has switched from the pulpit to the classroom throughout the years, while always telling and writing stories. In the classroom he has taught storytelling, doctrine, preaching, acting and interpersonal communications. In the pulpit he has used a storytelling expository sermon method. His books feature drama, biography, delivery techniques and theology. Current projects include a five part series "Dare to Walk On Water" which includes devotional materials leading to positive action and creative Christianity. 

Coming in April!

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"Appreciate the good practical insights."

                                            Paul Van Loh

"Good stuff, and needed very much."

                                           Gene Young

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Arise Ye Sons and Daughters


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The Fruit of the Spirit goes West


Stories, Skits and Discussion questions based on the Fruit of the Spirit, with a Western Flavor

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